Early Detection of Oral Cancer can Save Lives

Screenings for oral cancer can help to detect it in an early stage. The ViziLite Pro oral screening system plays a vital part in making a fast diagnosis of lesions in the mouth. When oral cancer is discovered early on, the five-year survival rate rises dramatically from 57% to 83%. Finding lesions and abnormalities during an early stage is the key to having a more successful treatment.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is cancer that is found anywhere inside of the mouth. It can be on the gums, the tongue, lips, cheeks, in the throat or sinuses, or anywhere on the hard and soft pallet of the mouth. When detected at an early stage, the outlook is promising for a complete recovery.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are signs that can indicate the possibility of cancer in the mouth. These include lumps and sores in the mouth, difficulty chewing, and white or red patches on the inside of the mouth.

ViziLite Pro Oral Screening

The ViziLite Pro Oral screening uses violet-output LED’s which produce bio-fluorescence to enhance what can be visually seen in the mouth cavity. The entire process takes about one minute and it doesn’t require dimming the lights in the office for any issues to be detected. If any suspicious spots are present, they will show up as dark areas while the rest of the mouth will be seen as a bright fluorescent light. Any areas that are not fluorescent may require further examination to rule out the presence of cancer.

Advantages of Using the ViziLite

This type of screening can be advantageous since it can be done in a dental office, and it only takes a matter of minutes to completely view the inside of the mouth. The results are very accurate and problematic abnormalities can be detected long before a dentist can see them visually. The entire process is painless and offers promise for saving lives.

An oral cancer screening using the ViziLite Pro oral screening system simply illuminates the healthy tissue while abnormal tissue remains in the dark. This new technology allows a dentist to detect possible spots of cancer while they are at a treatable stage. For more information regarding the ViziLite system, please read this.