Helpful Tips when Purchasing a Hearing Aid Battery

With over 48 million Americans suffering from some sort of hearing loss, it’s not surprising that the hearing aid market is quite large. However, not only will the right hearing aid be important, but choosing the right hearing aid battery is going to be equally significant.

Lifespans for Hearing Aid Batteries

The first thing to remember is that hearing aid batteries don’t typically last very long. Depending on the type of hearing aid, batteries can last at most 20 days. However, with the regular use that a hearing aid gets, the typical lifespan of a battery used in a hearing aid usually ranges anywhere from three to nine days. Some devices that offer more features may require more power, which means their battery life is typically lower than simpler hearing aids.

What Type of Batteries are Popular?

A person can try different types of batteries, but once they settle on a particular battery, it will be important to make sure they have plenty available. Because a battery used for a hearing aid is a zinc-air battery, they can last up to three years if unopened. Because they are air activated, batteries in a sealed container will remain inactive until they are opened.

Always Carry an Extra Set

Another thing to consider is having spare batteries on hand at all times when wearing a hearing aid. The reason for this is that batteries for a hearing aid tend to drain rather quickly. There are hearing aids that provide an alarm, such as a small ringing sound, to indicate to the wearer that the battery is close to being drained.

When these alerts sound, it is typically only a few minutes before the battery is completely drained. Having extra batteries on hand at all times means that a person can change their battery out without having to be without the hearing aids until they get home or purchase new batteries.

Purchasing batteries for hearing aids doesn’t have to be complicated. Choosing the battery that fits into a particular hearing aid or one that offers the most usage is important. It’s also crucial to purchase as many batteries as possible once you settle on a particular type to make sure you have a set available at all times.