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Five Important Guides to Conducting Family Devotions

Family devotions encompass reading the word of God which is the Bible and praying. Fellowships, Bible readings and prayers make up the main topics of the family devotions. The father or mother should guide the family in conducting the family devotions. Grandparents could chip in when parents are not around. The older children could also lead family devotions if the parents are not available, this is if they are old enough to read the bible.

Family devotions are important for the family; they should be taken seriously. The following are important tips to help you lead daily family devotions.

1. Devoted Family Members Should Conduct Family Devotions

The father or the mother should lead the family devotions. A devoted family member should be the one to conduct daily devotions for the family. Sometimes, this might not be the case, so the grandparents or the guardian can take up the role of conducting the family devotions. Older siblings could as well be well suited to lead family devotions if they are strong in the ways of the Lord.

2. The time to conduct Family Devotions
It’d depend with the family when it comes to the time to conduct family devotions. Some families would prefer to have family devotions before meals. The family members should be ready for the family devotions during the set time. It’d be good to offer every family member a role in the devotions. Literate members of the family could be offered the role of reading the Bible and leading discussions and prayers.

3. Let everyone participate in the Discussions
It’s important to ensure that every family member participates in daily devotions. Lecturing might not be the best. So encouraging discussions among the family members is the best since it’d foster participation.

4. Have a defined time to Conduct and end the Family Devotions
To avoid monotony, it’s important that a family sets the time to start and end the family devotions. Following the schedule is important for everyone. So be on time to make the family devotions the best.

5. Make it fun and positive
To avoid cases where family members feel like it’s like punishment to attend the devotion sessions, you should make them positive and fun. Capture the interests of the family members by making family devotions lively and positive.

Family devotions are important. Don’t complicate daily devotions for the family. Be realistic and keep the routine. The habit would only be formed in your family when you start it when the children are still young.

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