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Capillus: Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Therapy is one of the newest and most exciting innovations when it comes to hair restoration, and it involves non-invasive approach using low laser energy or soft laser light. It is both effective for men and women. It is very effective in the treatment of alopecia or baldness, thinning hair, hair loss, and other problems of the scalp. There are many studies showing the best results of laser hair therapy. Your hair will become thicker, shinier, fuller, and healthier with laser hair therapy. In this article, we will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of laser hair therapy.

Laser hair therapy is a painless and safe procedure with no known side and adverse effects. Laser hair therapy can help you in prolonging the life of your hair, its color, volume, and overall quality. If you love hair coloring, perming, and rebonding, laser hair therapy can maintain the healthy look of your hair. When it comes to the real benefits of laser hair therapy, it includes stimulation of hair follicles, promotion of hair re-growth, increased scalp’s blood supply, increased hair elasticity and strength, increased healing process after a hair transplant surgery, and thicker, fuller, and shinier hair. When it comes to the laser hair therapy procedure, it involves careful supervision of a doctor, as the patients sit under the laser device to allow enough time for the laser light to treat the hair and scalp for about 20 minutes. When it comes to choosing the right doctor for you, it is crucial to work with someone who is licensed or certified, experienced, trusted, reliable, and reputable to ensure a safe and successful treatment. Laser hair therapy is not a stand-alone treatment, although you may see immediate results, you may need to go back and have it done a few times each week up to six weeks to achieve hair restoration results.

There are different devices used in laser hair treatment including fixed and moving (rotational) systems, wherein rotational system works better to achieve new hair growth. You have to ask your doctor about the device they’re using and ensure that it is suitable for your hair or scalp condition. You don’t have to worry about any side effect because the heating effect is unlikely as the laser light used in laser hair therapy uses the red part of the spectrum and cold wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Laser hair treatment is really in-demand right now and many people can take advantage of the benefits it can provide, boosting confidence and morale.

If you are decided to undergo a laser hair therapy treatment, come and check us out on our homepage or website now. Capillus is committed and dedicated to providing the best laser hair treatment for you.

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