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Guide to Home Feng Shui.

Have you ever heard about Feng Shui and wondered what that is and why it is very beneficial? An answer to that is that Feng Shui is a philosophical system that have its roots in china and its main objective is to harmonize people with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui gives you more joy, balance and inspiration in your life and helps you to move forward with ease. People are using Feng Shui in their modern homes through architecture and interior design to enable them tap the life-force energy into their home and flourish in return. To be able to arrange your house in a way that enables the energy flow properly, you can visit Feng Shui masters or consultants.

After deciding to Feng Shui your home, the first step is removing the clutter. Clutter can be anything that is not useful in your house or what you don’t like. Free flow of positive energy in your home can be discouraged by the resistance caused by the clutter. This step should be completed at all cost because it is the starting point creating a house that allows free flow of energy.

The next important thing in Feng Shui is repairing the broken parts such as doors that squeak when being opened or close. The squeaking cries that doors produce when -being opened or closed can be one of the things affecting your moods as well as well-being. Repairing the doors or oiling the hinges gives you a more positive energy any time you come home or when you are leaving home for work. The fact that the entry door represents how positive energy enters your home and life makes it very important.

Good Feng Shui discourage the spaces between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. The Spaces between the cabinets and the ceiling are not encouraged in Feng Shui because they give space to stagnant energy and dust. The reason why energy in stagnant form is discouraged in Feng Shui is its ability to hold people back in life. To eliminate stagnant energy in these areas, you can place some plants on the cabinets or other impressive items to bring life back to the area and transform the stagnant energy into useful energy.

The place where you locate your bed is also an important element of Feng Shui. Feng Shui advocates that you keep your bed in a position in which you can see the door when on the bed but should not be in line with the door. Such positions include placing the bed in a diagonal position while facing the bedroom door. The diagonal position cannot be appealing to many but a mirror can be used to help you see the entrance if you choose another position.

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