Pathway Genomics Uses DNA Analysis to Create Structured Eating Plans That Help People Lose Weight

In a world of many diet choices, there is no wonder people get so confused. Often, there is a one-size-fits-all approach used by many diet manufacturers and this has been proven to be unhelpful because each person is an individual. Pathway Genomics seeks to help individuals individualize their diet plan so they can see true results that are lasting.

Why Do Diets Never Seem to Work?

Many people vow to go on diets each January and then by March, they are back to their old eating habits. This begs the question, why is this happening? If a diet is so beneficial and is meant to help so many, why are so many failing?

The answer is in the approach of the diet. When a diet is concocted by a company, the diet is based on set protocol averages. This means many, many people are left out because they do not match the ideals of the diet. Because the diet is not catered to a person’s DNA, the results will be lackluster at best and will leave many people simply giving up because they feel they are a failure at dieting.

DNA Is a Crucial Element of Dieting

Scientists have discovered over the years, DNA plays a huge part in the way the body responds to dieting. A study of a person’s DNA can reveal the following:

  • Eating behaviors, including snacking and hunger levels
  • How the body reacts to certain types of food
  • What types of exercise will be most beneficial for meeting weight loss goals
  • The best food combinations to consume for weight loss
  • The nutritional needs of the individual
  • Any present metabolic issues that may be halting weight loss efforts
  • Important diet guidelines that are individually tailored

Check It Out Today

If you have been attempting to lose weight, to no avail, you are not alone. It is important you realize you are not the failure, the diet industry is. Check out PathwayFit today so you can get started. They will help you with your DNA analysis and then give you all the tools you need, so you can truly be successful in losing weight and getting healthy.