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Issues about Laser Hair Removal

Hair in some people may be bothersome since it may grow where it is not desired especially with women and it may be remove permanently by methods which are complex and in most cases most people elect to have the hair removed by laser.

Hair removal involves the removing of hair by exposing some pulses of laser light which destroys the hair follicles and it has been experimentally performed since the early 90s.

Many clinics removes hair and it is even practice at homes by people who utilize devices meant for home consumers and laser hair removal is deemed as being efficient and safe according to dermatologists.

There is a matching of particular wavelength of light and the pulse period gets the effect which is optimal upon the target tissue and it has effects which are minimal on the tissue that is surrounded.

The lasers selects the damaged location by heating the dark target melanin and this heating in the stem cells of the follicle which makes then hair to grow but does not heat the skin itself and this light is absorbed by this objects which are dark and is reflected by some light and water so that the energy of laser is immersed on the skin.

Eumelanin which makes hair to be black or brown and pheomelanin makes the hair to be red or blonde.

Photons in the laser light only removes the hair that has reddish-brown, brown, black or dirty brown hair may be removed and the light blonde, white hair and strawberry blonde hair cannot be removed.

Those with dark and light skin hair are best and most effective for being removed but there is a system that removes black hair for those who have dark skins.

Laser hair removal is a permanent method and there is little chance of the hair growing again after the hair has been removed and there is experience in many patients who get the hair growing again after some years and this goes to say that the laser removing may actually reduce the hair grow but does not eradicate the hair growth permanently.

There is speed and efficacy in removing hair by using laser even though the efficacy depends on the experience and skill of the person dealing with the laser and the availability and choice of diverse technologies of laser that is used.

The laser hair removal requires some touch-up particularly if the hair was removed on large areas of the skin and if there are some side effects found it is possible that the chances are temporary and the pigmentation may return to normal in a period of six months.

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